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Did you know that your eyes need 3 times as much light when you’re 60 as they did when you were 20 years old?

As we grow older our ability to see decreases. There are many reasons for this. As we age our eyes become less sensitive to bright lights. Our pupils constrict making it harder for our eyes to focus on objects up close. We lose some of our peripheral vision. And our eyes begin to tire faster. All of these things make it hard for us to see well.

The most common causes include macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, dry eyes, and refractive errors such as near-sightedness and farsightedness. These conditions are treatable, and many are preventable.

Properly managing your vision requires a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, and proper rest. You should see your eye doctor every one to two years, starting around age 40, and continue to monitor your vision regularly throughout life.

One thing that helps keep our vision sharp is proper lighting. When we go outside we want to make sure that we have enough light to read comfortably without straining our eyes. But what does this mean for those who spend long hours indoors? How can we improve our indoor lighting?

The answer lies in LED bulbs. They provide just the right amount of light needed for clear vision. In fact, studies show that LED bulbs produce about 50% more lumens per watt than traditional incandescent bulbs. So, while they use much less energy, they still give off plenty of light.

Another reason that LED bulbs work better than traditional ones is because they emit light evenly across the entire spectrum. Traditional bulbs tend to put out lots of blue light which can cause eye strain over time. Blue light is great for night vision, but it makes reading difficult during the day. LEDs don’t create any blue light at all. Instead, they emit a full range of color allowing your eyes to adjust easily.

So how do you know which type of bulb is best for you? Well, there are several different types of bulbs. Most come in three sizes. A 60-watt equivalent uses about 4 watts of power. A 75-watt equivalent uses 5 watts of power. And a 90-watt equivalent uses 7 watts of power. You’ll find that larger bulbs require more electricity. However, they allow you to view your surroundings more clearly.

If you’re concerned about your eyesight, consider replacing your old bulbs with LED bulbs. You’ll notice a big difference in your home immediately.

How do our Eyes Change as we Age?

As we age, medical science has found that our eyesight deteriorates and the following starts to happen:

  • Colours distort – Your eyes begin to change colour, becoming more yellow and absorb more blue light, which creates distorted colours. You’ve probably noticed that green and blue are harder to distinguish from each other than they used to be, and that some greens turn into grays.
  • Gets Harder to focus – It becomes harder for us to concentrate because our lenses get thicker and more rigid, which makes them less able to refract light into our eyes.
  • Less light gets in – Less light gets into your eyes as our pupils shrink when we get older. By the time we reach 80 years, you need 6 times more light than in your 20s.
  • Light scatters – Your corneas become more opaque, making it more difficult for sunlight to get into the eye.   Deposits of fat in the eye scatter the light, making it more difficult to see.
  • Slower to adjust – Our ability to focus quickly and accurately, and to adjust to different light levels reduce as our eyes’ ciliary muscles weaken and the lens hardens with age.
  • Reduction in visual acuity – gets more difficult to see smaller details.

How much light do we need as we age?

Most consumers tend to think of the wattage of a lightbulb when they’re buying lighting fixtures for their homes. However, the number of lumens (the measure of light) rather than the wattage is what really matters. All lights we buy have their lumen counts marked on them.

A 75-watt lamp will produce about 1,100 lumens, whereas a 40-watt lamp produces only 470 lumens. If you’re looking for a general lighting source, then an 800-lumen lamp would be ideal. However, if you’re looking for something brighter, then a 1000-lumen lamp might be better suited.

Some may argue that there are many ways to enjoy reading without having to worry about the amount of light being emitted. However, if you are planning to read at night time, then 250 lumens worth of light would be sufficient for your eyes and it would keep you awake.

So, whatever the purpose is, consider the lumen count of the bulb you are buying if you want to really understand how much brightness you will achieve. If you use an overtly bright bulb, it can be harmful to your eyes.

Here is a guide to see how many Watts/Energy get used vs Lumens:

Bulb lumen chart

What if I am reading online?

More and more readers are now turning to screens such as tablets for longer periods of time. However, if you want to avoid ending up with eyeglasses, then you need to take some steps to protect yourself from eye strain.

If you’re going to read for long periods of time, then having a bright central lighting system in the space where you’re working is essential. To help supplement this, you may want to add an additional small lamp nearby. However, both lamps shouldn’t be placed directly above your computer monitor so that they shine directly onto your screen.

You should also install an app called a blue-light blocker on your computer or mobile phone. These apps will help block out the warm glow emitted by screens, allowing you to read for longer periods without feeling tired. You can also lower the brightness levels of your screen when you’re reading for long periods.

How to choose a good reading lamp

Lighting fixtures – One of the biggest decisions you need to first consider when selecting a desk lamp is the type of fixture that you want to use. There are a number of different types of lighting available including ceiling-mounted, floor-standing, wall-mounted, and portable.

Brightness -Eyes differ in size and shape depending on how old they are. So it makes sense that as you grow older, you need more bright light to see by. The amount of light needed to read by varies between people. At ten, you could read by just one watt of light. By 60 years, you would need about 100watt.

Light Distribution –   When reading in a dimly lit environment, it is important to ensure that your lamp provides an adequate amount of illumination. In addition, it is equally important to distribute the lighting evenly across the room so that no part of the room receives too much direct sunlight. Reading by the glow of a computer screen is not recommended because it causes strain on the eye and may cause headaches.

Many people make the mistake of turning on a bright lamp in a dark room when reading. However, this is incorrect as your pupils dilate due to the surrounding darkness when they wander off the page, which can make your eyes easily tired – one of the main reasons why many of us become quickly fatigued when reading in bed at night.

Keep in mind that too much brightness can be just as bad for your eyes as not enough brightness. If lights give you trouble, simply invest in a shaded lamp instead of an overhead one. By choosing a warmer colour, this will help reduce any discomfort caused by reflection. In addition, if you’re buying a new lamp, consider how old you are. Older individuals may find themselves bothered by brighter lights because of their age-related vision issues.

Multi Directional Desk Lamp –  When working under low lighting conditions, it can be difficult to read comfortably. In addition to focusing on the task at hand, it is important to ensure that your eyes are relaxed enough to allow them to rest properly. By directing bright, high quality lighting towards the work area, you can help prevent eyestrain and fatigue. Investing in a good quality, adjustable desk lamp is one of the best ways to improve productivity and efficiency.  The adjustability of the lamp helps to move the light where you find it more comfortable.

Lightning Tips for the elderly

  • Add more lighting fixtures throughout the house, especially in the area where tasks are done like the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Purchase brighter light bulbs for all rooms.
  • Dimmers will help adjust the lighting to do the task at hand.
  • Add indirect lighting in the house to reduce shadows and make the room’s lighting uniform.
  • Reduce lighting glare by using shades over bright bulbs.
  • Use motion sensor controls to turn lights on at night in the hallway and bathroom, as it makes it safer to get up at night.
  • Maximize daylight by opening up all curtains during the day for the sunlight to be able to get in.
  • Paint all rooms with a lighter, neutral colour as darker colours are hard on older eyes.

Reading Lamps to consider

We have chosen a few reading lamps for you to make your life a lot easier. Here are some floor lamps and desk lamps that will suit your need and budget.

Floor lamps:

Darium LED Floor lamp

Barium LED Floor Lamp

The Darium LED Floor lamp has a slim looking light with touch dimmable functions. The brightness of this lamp as well as the light colour can each be controlled in 5 levels. This is a great reading lamp for a great price. This light offer a colour temperature between 3000K – 6000K.

For more information about this lamp look here.

LED Liano Reading Lamp

LED Liano Reading Lamp

This modern LED Liano lamp, has 5 dimmable steps and can also switch the colour temperature. The head of the lamp can tilt up and down for your convenience. The temperature colour of the lamp is between 3000K – 6000K. It is a great lamp and comes with a five-year guarantee.

Get your Arcchio Liano lamp here.

Tamilo floor lamp

Tamilo floor lamp

The Tamilo Floor lamp is an amazing light that offers both direct and indirect light, by emitting light upwards and downwards. It has a colour temperature of 4000K and has a 5 year guarantee. This floor lamp is white and comes with a black base.

For more information on this light have a look here.

Padoria LED floor lamp

Padoria LED floor lamp whitePadoria LED floor lamp black
The Padoria LED floor lamp, comes in two colours either white or black. This lamp is an amazing reading lamp and is made out of aluminium and plastic. Light is emitted upwards and downwards. It has a push dimmer, colour temperature of 4000K and has a 5 year guarantee.

Click here to see more features of the Padoria LED floor lamp.

Desk Lamps:

Darium table lamp

Darium table lamp

The Darium table lamp is a great table lamp and fantastic to read by. It has a simple design and is very easy to use. The light can be dimmed in five levels and the light colour can also be controlled (3000K – 6000K). The lamp also uses a 9W LED bulb. This is an amazing light and comes at an amazing price.

See here for more information on this great light.

Prios Uzimar LED table lamp

Prios Uzimar LED table lamp

Uzimar LED table lamp is a fantastic reading lamp that comes with a dimmable function. The brightness can be adjusted in 6 levels and the colour in 3 steps. The colour temperature varies between 3000K and 6000K.

Look here for more features.

Libia LED table lamp with smartphone charging station

Libia LED table lamp with smartphone charging station

The Libia LED desk lamp is much more than just a table lamp. It comes with a touch dimmer and a wireless QI charging station for your smartphone. The light has adjustable brightness and colour settings. It also has an option of programming a 60-minute timer that automatically switches the light of after the time has elapsed. The light also has an USB charging port that can be used for other devices. And it comes with a 5-year guarantee. You get this lamp in black or white.

Buy this light here.

Arcchio Lianel LED desk lamp

Arcchio Lianel LED desk lamp

The dimmable Lianel desk lamp is an amazing option for reading or writing. This lamp has 5 brightness levels as well as a 60-minute timer that switches the light off automatically. It also has an USB port to charge your smartphone. This light comes with a 5 year warranty.

Get your Lianel Lamp here.

Magnifying Light

Lupo LED Magnifying lamp black/white

Lupo LED Magnifying lamp black Lupo LED Magnifying lamp white

The Lupo LED Magnifying light is equipped with LED lightning and provides excellent support for the magnification effect of universal white light. The brightness can be adjusted in 4 variants, the magnifier has a triple magnification and the light can flexibly adjusted.

Get more information here.

LED magnifying light with five-dioptric lens

This amazing magnifying lamp has a glass lens with 5 diopters that can illuminate even the smallest parts well. It has a stable base and flexible arms. It has a clolour temperature of 6400K. It is a great lamp that magnifies the small parts very well.

Click here to get more information about this great lamp.